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Welcome to Marvel | Custom Manufacturing Since 1946

We offer our customers a Personalized Engineering Partnership geared to creating the best part, product, or component on time and on budget.

Accurate Metal Fabricating and The Marvel Group have provided the highest level of contract manufacturing services to the world’s leading companies since our inception in 1946. We focus on assisting our customers from the design stage through end-product integration. Our Engineering team and state-of-the-art, 150,000-square-foot facility are dedicated to delivering Quality, Efficiency, and Value

Please note that the Marvel Group is now a part of the Accurate Family of Companies. 
Learn more about them:
Accurate Perforating
Accurate Metal Fabricating


The patented Fresh Gear ozone machine can sanitize almost anything you can fit inside.
Harness the natural sanitizing power of ozone in your facility.

Made in the USA.

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