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We are driven by our customer's needs and our pursuit of excellence to provide outstanding products.  Our creative, dedicated workforce, state-of-the-art equipment, and highest quality materials ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Metal Sourcing

Six decades of experience in the heart of the industrial Midwest has developed a strong vendor base that can deliver any component, material, or process.

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Design Engineering

Our unique approach to creating value involves merging Account Management with Engineering Excellence.

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Inventory Management

We can meet our Fortune 100 Clients' requirements of delivery and service capabilities throughout the world.

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Metal Fabricating

Metal fabricating is our heritage and has been the basis for all our advances since 1946. 

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We can provide full-size, true material mock-ups or scaled down stereo lithography models regardless of the complexity of your design.

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Color Matching Powder-Coat

Through the use of our award-winning electrostatic powder-coating machinery, our operators can match any existing color hue or create something new.

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Component & Final Assembly

We can streamline your production process by assembling and packaging the final product in-house, reducing costs and leadtime.

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